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You’re making business pivots, to keep yourself in the game.

You’re courageously fighting through doubt…fear…and uncertainty.

You’re somehow managing to squeeze more than 24 hours out of the day.

You’re putting your personal feelings aside so you can be strong for your clients. 

You’re leaping off a new cliff every week, not sure if the parachute will open….

We’re proud to be witness to your comeback story. 

And while we have had to cancel TPI Rocks 2020, we are counting down the days and hours until we can all come together in 2021 to HONOR YOU!

TPI Rocks 2021, is more than a conference. It’s is our annual family reunion!

Reserve your spot now, as we know the 300 seats will sell out fast. After all, we’re going to be CELEBRATING the biggest comeback story in history! The comeback of you and our Travel Industry!


Every year we design our conference based on what’s relevant, right now – what YOU need to move your business #FiercelyForward.